Term and Conditions


We analyze the requirements concerned with your organization. Discussion and understanding with your system, marketing strategy adoption, return of investment and all related issues will included in this phase.


After completion of initial step, we will move to design for end-users for real purpose of website as well as for your administration to control the whole system. In this scenario, we will plan to implement all the possible implementations to fulfill your aim on the web-world.


After the approval of Design module by your concern department, we will just code it, test it @ different levels and implement it.


  1. You can Claim your refund in the 10-day’s date of payment.  You can claim your refund if we are not delivery the same service what you are order.
  2. You can claim your refund in 5-day’s after delivery the project if website is not perform properly.
  3. If you can order the wrong service then kindly claim with in 24-48 hour in the date of transaction.
  4. Any customer did not claim the refund if they start marketing or receive any order on the website.
  5. Any customer did not claim the refund the they order any discount sell. You can claim your refund if you purchase the with out discount. If you want your refund in the discount sell order they kindly claim with in 24-48 working hour in the date of order completed.

Any refund claim and problem kindly contact our customer care and email [email protected]


We will start working in your project next 24-48 working hour in the date of order completion.In the website design & develop service we only design & develop your website we not doing any digital marketing services . But we can integrate your social media account on your website if you have.


After completion of project in every manner, this phase will start. We will take all the responsibility related with your website as SECURITY-MAJORS, DEVELOPMENT ISSUES, HOSTING ISSUES, DESIGN ISSUES, and ERROR-HANDLING. 


After 1 year,  period will start Again. Renewal charge same of deal amount (Per years) Payment Schedule will be in form of Advance annually.


  • If payment will not provide in advance, The mediquick.in will not be responsible for any damage of data or violation issues on website.
  • We provide 100% efficiency, but in case of Natural or uncontrolled situation like FIBRE-CUT, or SATELLITE-PROBLEM, it may be possible to happens some problems, but it will short-out as soon as possible.
  • All Rights Reserved.

For any issue you may write us at [email protected]